Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowboarding Season Is Here.. Kind of

From Park City to Beaver Mountain, riding has been done. Below is Eric, my cousin, and I in Park City at the Canyons. Parker walking to his snowboarding lesson at Beaver. Mandy and I hitting the mountain over Christmas break. The last two were opening day! So far we have had a good albeit somewhat snow less winter :)

Christmas! 2012

We had a great Christmas this year. Parker got everything he wanted and more...He must have really good this year. Even Etnie got a stocking. Below is Etnie patiently waiting for her stocking, she was so happy. Next is the tattoo Parker got on Christmas Eve, as you might be able to see its upside down, he wanted to be able to read when he looked down LOL. Last picture is Parker on his red drum set that santa brought. Overall we enjoyed the Christmas holiday away from work and school.

Let me catch you up....

Next was Parker's 6th Birthday!

The day of, we went to breakfast, which is the picture above.

We also had a big party with all of his friends at Sports academy.

They tumbled, opened presents, and ate cake!

I told Parker now that he was six, he was done.

I told him he couldn't turn seven.... He said, "Mom thats ridiculous"

Next was my birthday, our friends had our traditional

cocktail party for all the girls birthdays in December.

Up above is Jake and I,

and further up is Lyndsie and I.

So turning 28 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. :)

Here we go, for Thanksgiving I flew out to Ohio to visit my big sis.

We had the funnest time we have ever had in the middle of disaster.

Dinner was made, phones were broken, cars were hit.

Somehow through the entire trip we took one photo,

this one of her English Bulldog puppy, Zoe Bean.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween is always a treat for every kid.
Parker was incredibly excited about the days events.
He was excited about the party at school and being allowed to wear his costume.
He was excited about trick-or-treating at my work, and at night with Stryder.
He ran so fast between every house I couldn't believe he had the energy to
keep going, and he hadn't even had candy yet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fo Co Road Trip

Fun trip to Fort Collins, Colorado. My friend Dustin
moved out there about 6 months ago.
So a group of us, (Erin, Austin, Justin, and me) took
a road trip to visit him. So much fun, great little
college town, everything Logan could be :)
Here are some pictures from our adventure.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Parker had his very first day of school!!!!
He is going to Thomas Edison Charter School, and is loving every minute of it.
Here are some pic's of the day.

Parker sitting in his desk, so grown up!
Parker calling Dad to tell him about his day.
Parker outside of Nana's before school.
Walking in to school like a big boy!
Outside the doors of his school!

New York!!

NYC Career Acceleration Trips!
I also organized a trip for finance and marketing students to NYC. We went to Bloomberg broadcast, Time Inc., Michael Kors, Shady Records, and Coltrin & Associates. I am super excited about the job opportunities that are available to me out there, it's exciting to think next year I could be anywhere!
Ann (the other faculty lead for the trip, and the women with all the connections), Brittany and I stayed the weekend in NY to play and enjoy the city. What didn't we do? We hit the museums, went dancing, shopping, restaurants, and toured every neighborhood for apartments!

Coming over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan at sunrise.
Washington Park.
Empire State Building.
Brittany and I at the Metropolitan Museum.
The Tiffany's Yellow Diamond! For those of you who know
me, of course I stopped at Tiffany's 5th Avenue!
Me and Brittany
Me and Ann, (one of my new favorite people).

Brittany and I outside the museum.